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Wrought Iron Fence & Wrought Iron Railings Chicago
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When you want more than just the typical wood fencing or you need strong and durable stair railings inside or outside the home, we are the answer to all your fencing needs. Ironcraft is a team of iron and metal experts in Chicago who offer a complete range of iron and metal work to suit your style and offer a beautiful alternative for your home and garden. Whether you are looking for fencing contractors, stair railings, new metal stairs, a front gate, new fenc, or you need metal welding repairs, we are the professionals that can do it all for you.

Our team can build you that custom made privacy fence and offer expert fence installation to make your home stand out from the others by giving you the right look and style. We create all kinds of personalized iron works for fences, railings, gates, stairs, and more, all suited to your tastes and built to last.

Don`t settle for just any fence company in Chicago. Call Ironcraft for our expertise with iron work and have a long-lasting, beautiful garden fence, stair railings, or any custom iron work for your indoor or outdoor space.

We cover all your metal and iron needs in Chicago
iron railings, iron fences, metal stairs, metal railings and front gates. We simply do it all!

We are more than just a fencing contractors. Our metal experts can custom build all metalwork from fencing to railings to gates, and more. We also provide professional metal welding repairs for any issues you may have. There is no welding job too large or too small that we can`t handle to give you the perfect effect for your home or garden. For trusted and experienced fencing contractors in Chicago, call Ironcraft.



Give your steps their best look while adding durable functionality with iron railings. Metal stair railings and iron railings are made to last and offer great support for your stairs while always looking beautiful. You can bring that beauty to your garden too by adding fence railings that set your yard apart.


Allow your privacy fence to be a beautiful part of the view in your yard. We can custom build and install your garden fence to give you the long-lasting, low-maintenance iron fence and metal fence option you`re looking for. A wrought iron fence can completely transform your garden into a space you have always dreamed about for your home.



Make a great first impression with a front iron gate that is beautiful, offers security, and is built to last. We can install a perfect wrought iron gate design for your driveway gate, or the front of your home. We can even give your yard a great look with a metal garden gate.


Nothing offers a sense of class and style like adding a metal staircase to your home. We are able to completely change the appearance of your stairs with metal stair treads or a spiral staircase. For a more simple and elegant change, we can create the perfect spindles or metal stair rails to your existing staircase.



We can help you repair any iron and metal works with professional welding services to provide a strong and lasting bond. Whether it’s a iron fence, metal furniture, or other metallic structures that need to be bonded together, our team is here to assist. Our expert welding is the way to go for any metal repairs.


If you can conceptualize what you’re looking for, we can custom create it with our experienced metal fabrication specialists. You can have a unique piece that is suited to your specifications for a function and style that is all your own. We can see it through from the planning stages to the final product.



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When it comes to welding, Ironcraft is your reliable source, whether you’re looking for iron railings in Chicago, an iron gate for your home, or a wrought iron fence for any property. We custom build it all at our own facility, or for simple projects, we can get it completed at your home or business. Don’t hesitate to contact Ironcraft to inquire about your iron fence or wrought iron gates in Chicago. We are happy to plan your custom ironwork.

WROUGHT IRON RAILINGS CHICAGO, choose Ironcraft Fencing Contractors as your RAILINGS contractor in Chicago!

Wrought Iron Fence Chicago

A wrought iron fence requires very little maintenance, is durable and weather resistant. This fencing company in Chicago can also increase property value with a design pattern that has wide appeal.


Wrought Iron Railings Chicago

For a strong but beautiful look that can take on a variety of design options to suit your tastes, wrought iron railings are a great choice.


Wrought Iron Balcony Railing Chicago

Spruce up the balcony with gorgeous wrought iron railings for the balcony. It is visually appealing and is very durable without frequent maintenance issues to tend to.


Wrought Iron Porch Railings Chicago

When installing exterior wrought iron railings on your porch, it can change the entire look of your home, offering exceptional curb appeal in a custom design.


Why Choose Iron Craft Welding?

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, you want to make sure your property has a great curb appeal. That’s why you should call Iron Craft Welding to custom create the perfect wrought iron railings or iron fence for you. Because we are the leading wrought iron manufacturer in Chicago and the surrounding areas, you can expect complete satisfaction with an honest, reliable and friendly team of contractors.

Plus, if you’re not certain about the type of wrought iron that is appropriate for your property, our experts are more than happy to offer you a free consultation that will help you make the right choice. We’ll guide you through your options to select the wrought iron fence material that not only provides excellent security but also enhances the look of your landscaping and outdoor setting.

We always promise you a great look with our wrought iron products, from iron railings to iron fences and gates, so your residence or commercial property looks its best. Your installation is always handled by professionals for timely completion and a quality job. Our custom wrought iron products are perfect for outdoor terrain so we can make it fit right with simple installation.

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Our company in Chicago is your best choice when it comes to creating an iron fencing. Our skilled fabricators are experienced and will create a unique fencing solution that will suit the aesthetics of your residential or commercial needs. Our  incredible craftsmanship make us the top choice for all your customized fencing needs. We offer numerous stock options that you can readily install when you need it. And we also customize iron fencing. Tell us about your ideas and we will turn it to reality. Though it takes some time, the outcome will surely meets your vision and your needs.


If you want to bolster the aesthetic appeal of your residential or commercial property in Chicago and add essential safety features, installing an iron railing or iron gate is perfect for you. While there is a wide range of materials that you can use in your fence, nothing compares to the security, artistry, and durability of wrought iron railings.

Iron fencing is one of the most versatile materials for gates and popular choices for fencing and comes in a variety of shapes and designs, and you can get the one that best suits your preference and home’s theme. Iron driveway gate in Chicago can withstand unexpected damage like hitting it badly and is durable against day-to-day wear and tear. Having a sturdy wrought iron gate around your property gives you security and privacy against intruders. Automatic openers on wrought iron fences are also now available to enhance your convenience and security. Aside from having a peace of mind, an iron fence also adds elegance and value to your place. It requires low-maintenance because it has incredible corrosion resistance and only requires painting once every three to five years or even longer, depending on its exposure to the elements. If your iron fence rusts, it will take years for the material to become compromised, thus, allowing plenty of time for restoration.

Giving all an iron fence is an excellent choice for looking for something that can provide you a high level of security, privacy, and elegance. For superior fence installation, our fencing contractors in Chicago is the trusted local choice. We have been providing exceptional service and quality iron fence for many years. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of wrought iron and receive a free estimate, please call us today to get started.